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How to thrive in a rapidly changing world,
full of stimuli and challenges.




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Hi, I'm Florence, 

leading expert in digital balance, focus and dealing with change, frequent speaker, author and entrepreneur.

I'm passionate about the art of mastering mental well-being and equipping active professionals to conquer the challenges of today and tomorrow. Through my dynamic keynotes and engaging lectures, I aim to ignite inspiration, sparking transformative journeys in resilience, change management, and sustained focus and attention to succeed and get things done.

My mission is to empower individuals with the essential tools to navigate challenging and turbulent times, adapt to constant change, attain more focus and digital balance, and cultivate a harmonious relationship with technology. 

For over 20 years, I held various roles in Sales & Marketing within the internet sector.

Simultaneously, I delved into health sciences and was a certified mindfulness trainer for years. Today, I am Managing Partner of the speakers' bureau Speakersbase, which I co-founded amidst the COVID pandemic. Beyond writing books and creating music, speaking and inspiring an audience is my most favourite activity.

Expect my presentations to be a captivating fusion of interactivity and entertainment, grounded in evidence-based insights. With a special emphasis on understanding the workings of the brain and proven methodologies, I am dedicated to guiding you towards a future of empowered and adaptive resilience.

My keynotes are impactful and seamlessly delivered in Dutch, French, and English.

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Survival guide for times of change

Learn why the ancient Greeks practiced winter training, how one-second ahead can make all the difference, and how to overcome a bad day. Discover essential skills for the modern work environment and draw insights from surprising sources, such as a sheikh, a farmer and even a lobster.

This indispensable survival guide equips you to enhance adaptive resilience and navigate life successfully. Master uncertainty, bring order to chaos, and embrace change with confidence.

Will be available in English (December 2023)

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"Florence presents countless insights on how to deal with change in this book in a refreshing way. Informative, practical, and highly creative."

Luk Dewulf, pedagogue, talent and burnout coach, and author of multiple bestsellers on talent and burnout.

"This 'Survival Guide for Times of Change' offers 25 change hacks that serve as a compass in this rapidly changing world, providing you with the much-needed calm and clarity to take well-considered steps in both your professional and personal life."

Lode Godderis, CEO IDEWE, Professor of Occupational Medicine at KU Leuven, and author of multiple books on sustainable work.

Digital Detox


Let digital media work for you - not the other way around! More and more, we are becoming fused with our smartphones. We feverishly check every news update, answer our emails 24/7, and Instagram our brains out. But by doing so, we don't give our brain a minute of rest. Florence Pérès explains why our digital addiction is lethal for our performance and also makes us restless, frantic, and stressed. A (digital) burnout is not far off.

Based on scientific studies, she has developed a practical and feasible detox plan with which you can drastically reduce your digital behaviour and regain control of your digital life. The result? More relaxed, creative, and efficient work.

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My keynotes are all about mental resilience,

whether it is for thriving in a challenging and ever changing environment, gaining more focus or cope with (digital) stress. 

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Change Hacking


How to cope with change in your professional life with more adaptive resilience; to be able to "survive, succeed and stay relevant". 

Discover more information

Disconnect to reconnect


Find digital balance for better (working) relationships in a hyper-connected world and less digital stress.

Discover more information

Focus your brain


Learn to master the art of deep focus and attention management and overcome distraction to be more productive and gain time. 

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"Florence has a knack for captivating a group."

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"Florence manages to engage her audience and truly make them think."

— Name, Title

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"Florence manages to convey her powerful message in a very entertaining way."

Astrid Leemans - Head of Distribution Belfius

"The Focus your brain keynote of Florence during our annual Securex Sales & Marketing kick-off event was a success! Florence combines research-based content with personal anecdotes & fun. Eye openers & takeaways included. Well done!"

Joelle Helbig - Sales & Marketing Director at Securex Member of the Board

foto by Ioannis Tsouloulis

"Fascinating and inspiring, educational and filled with enthusiasm. Florence has a knack for captivating a group. Incredibly well delivered and tailored to our most important topics."

Carine Verbraeken - Field Sales Manager Vandemoortele

"Florence is an inspiring storyteller. Her inspiring talk 'Communicate like a pro from home' greatly appealed to our employees. Throughout the presentation, she maintains a beautiful, coherent storyline, which enables her to capture the viewer's focus effectively."

Thomas Cabes - Global Learning Officer Agfa

"Florence gave us an amazing webinar about digital balance. She did find a nice balance between educational facts and practice oriented examples on this hot topic. Florence is a great speaker and understands well to address the important points in an illustrative manner."

Uli Michel - Vice President EMEA at Abbott

"Do you want to motivate yourself and your colleagues to critically consider their digital addiction and inspire them to implement a digital detox? Then Florence Pérès is the person to bring on board! With a story that is both well-founded in content and offers pleasant interaction with the audience and very realistic examples, Florence manages to engage her audience and truly make them think. Highly recommended!"

Vicky Adriaensen - General Manager at ACCO

Voor het Masterplan Digitalisering van de gemeente Breda gaf Florence ten overstaan van een volle zaal MKB-ondernemers en ambtenaren een keynote over digital detox. Het publiek liep weg met haar verhaal! Wat een ontzettend mooie afsluiting van een serie van 3 sprekers. Haar verhaal sloot volledig aan bij onze wensen en heeft onze verwachting overtroffen. De ongedwongen stijl van haar presentatie doet haar verhaal extra goed overkomen op het publiek, en haar persoonlijke benadering maakt het ontzettend plezierig om met haar samen te werken!

Bart Welling - Governmental and Public Innovation for the Municipality of Breda



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