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You always have a choice

What happened in the past is beyond your control. However, the choices you make now, such as taking responsibility, are entirely in your hands.


Taking responsibility means not blaming others or circumstances but taking action, even if it's not your fault. This involves being willing to look at your own mistakes, learn from experiences, and take risks. It also means being prepared to change your stance, adopt a different attitude, or respond differently.

The more responsibility we take, the more control we have over our lives and the less stress we experience. By taking responsibility for setbacks or problems and accepting them, we take the first step toward a solution. You are responsible for your life because you almost always have a choice. If you place the responsibility for your life in someone else's hands, you give away the power over your life.


When you're in the midst of a setback or an emotional rollercoaster, it's easy to forget that you always have the power to choose. Choose how you fill your day, whether you stay in negativity or not, whether you adopt a 'Victim mindset' or a 'Victor mindset', how you speak to others, how you speak to yourself, whether you adjust your goals to reality, and dare to go for it.


You always have a choice. Even if certain things happen to you without your choosing, you still have the choice of how to handle them. Every choice you make at every moment of the day shapes that day, every day shapes your week, every week shapes your year, and each year flows into another, ultimately shaping your life. Every choice you make determines your life.


So, when there's another change or setback, remember that you have a choice and often multiple options. You can make it easy or hard on yourself, unpleasant or pleasant. The choice is yours.

Read more about this Change Hack in my book "Survivalguide for times of change".

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